Academy of Community Engagement Scholarship (ACES)

Cathy Jordan

Inducted in

University of Minnesota

Associate Professor, University of Minnesota Extension and Department of Pediatrics

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Biographical Abstracts

As a community-engaged scholar, Cathy Jordan has contributed to our understanding of the social determinants of health on children’s developmental outcomes and the prevention of childhood lead poisoning. As a national leader, she led the development of, and serves as the founding editor of, Through this work, she has provided an impetus for the redefinition of “peer” and “scholarly product”.

Notable Achievements

Beginning as a post-doctoral scholar in 1993 and continuing for over a decade, Dr. Jordan and her community partners undertook two large, federally funded community-based participatory research studies on childhood lead poisoning that led to programmatic and policy solutions in the city of Minneapolis. Further, the partnership’s governance and approach to disseminating findings to the community before publishing them in academic journals are now regarded as national models. As a national leader, Dr. Jordan has helped to align university policies and practices with genuine community engagement and mutually beneficial partnerships. Through the Community-Engaged Scholarship for Health Collaborative (2004-2007), she led the development of community-engaged scholarship (CES) quality criteria and template language for promotion and tenure policies, which have been widely cited and adopted or adapted by universities in the United States and Canada. Through Faculty for the Engaged Campus (2007-2010), she developed a creative solution — CES4Health — for ensuring that scholars are recognized for products of CES that are in forms other than journal articles and that communities can freely access and benefit from these products. Under Dr. Jordan’s leadership, CES4Health launched in 2009 as the first mechanism for peer-reviewed publication and dissemination of diverse products of CES.

Throughout her career, Dr. Jordan has championed the advancement of community-engaged research, has incorporated high quality community-engaged participatory practices in her pediatrics research, has supported and guided new and emerging engaged scholars in their quest to successfully navigate the traditional academic norms and scholarship expectations, and has participated actively in advancing community engagement scholarship, not only at the University of Minnesota, but throughout the nation. Her work has received recognition at the University of Minnesota through the awarding of the Outstanding Community Service Award and the Community-Campus Coordinators Alliance “Outstanding Partner in Engagement” Award.