Academy of Community Engagement Scholarship (ACES)

John Saltmarsh

Inducted in

University of Massachusetts, Boston

Director, New England Resource Center for Higher Education and Professor of Higher Education (NERCHE)

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Biographical Abstracts

John Saltmarsh has been a critical and influential architect, intellectual leader, historian, researcher, activist, and mentor within the modern community engagement movement. From his early days spent creating a foundation for service learning at Northeastern and Campus Compact, to his work directing NERCHE and as a professor at UMass Boston, John has been a leader. In fact, so much of John Saltmarsh’s career has been about changing higher education to embrace engagement, and developing a national and international movement to make this happen, that it is difficult to summarize only a few key contributions.

As a historian and student of John Dewey, John has helped the community engagement movement flourish by constantly reminding us in his writings, hundreds of consultations with campuses, and presentations that engagement offers a more effective, and more inclusive way to teach, to share knowledge, and to contribute to a vibrant democracy. He has made a unique contribution by providing the philosophical, historical, moral, and pedagogical rationales for the community engagement movement, rationales used now readily by provosts, presidents, deans, policy-makers, faculty, students, and community members to inform and gain support for this work.