Postponed: ACES 2020 Members' Meeting

(March 8, 2020)  The upcoming ACES Annual Members’ Meeting (March 30-31) is being postponed out of growing concern about the Corona (COVID-19) Virus.

In recent days, both non-profit and private organizations in the U.S. and around the world have adopted no fly policies for their employees. Large associations with significant financial obligations to venues, etc. are continuing to hold meetings, but anticipated attendances are down. Circumstances are changing rapidly and it is unclear what the situation will be by March 30th.
Many ACES members fall within the ages at highest risk of getting and suffering the most serious impacts of the disease. Others live with folks who do, and are concerned about passing illness along to them.    
The ACES Board of Directors is exploring ways to take advantage of some of the programming that had already been planned for the Meeting. This may include some webinar events and invitations to serve in an expanded set of ACES standing committees. Further information will be forthcoming.

This has been a difficult decision and one not taken lightly. The ACES Board of Directors is disappointed about it.  

The Academy apologizes for any inconvenience the postponement causes, but given the circumstances, it is convinced that this is the most appropriate course of action.