Academy of Community Engagement Scholarship (ACES)

Academy Members

The following inducted members of the Academy of Community Engagement Scholarship have demonstrated considerable commitment to the advancement of CES over their fruitful careers. Among them are engagement scholars, artists, and community-engaged leaders demonstrating notable contributions to the theory and practice of working collaboratively to address societal needs, advance community engagement, and advance the scholarship of community engagement. We honor their great achievements by inducting them into this prestigious academy.

Theodore R. Alter

Photo of Theodore R. Alter

Pennsylvania State University

Engagement and engaged scholarship have been key dimensions of Theodore Alter's research, teaching, and public service for nearly 40 years. Ted…

Burton A. Bargerstock

Photo of Burton A. Bargerstock

Michigan State University

Burton Bargerstock is Director of the National Collaborative for the Study of University Engagement, Director of Communication and Information…

Lynn Blanchard

Photo of Lynn Blanchard

University of North Carolina

Lynn has contributed to the field of community engagement scholarship (CES) since 1992. Early community engagement roles included schoolteacher,…

Robert Gordon Bringle

Photo of Robert Gordon Bringle

IUPUI Center for Service and Learning

There is likely no one in the United States who has greater expertise or who has contributed more to our understanding of service-learning and civic…

Robert H. Bruininks

Photo of Robert H. Bruininks

University of Minnesota

Dr. Robert H. Bruininks’s academic career has focused on transformative public and civic leadership, the development of human capital from…

Karen S. Bruns

Photo of Karen S. Bruns

Ohio State University

Karen Bruns is a grounded servant leader of community engagement scholarship and is a major leader strengthening the movement. She consistently and…

Katy Campbell

Photo of Katy Campbell

University of Alberta

Served as the Dean of the Faculty of Extension at the University of Alberta since 2009. Before that she was Interim Dean (2007-2009), Associate Dean…

Nancy E. Cantor

Photo of Nancy E. Cantor

Rutgers University-Neward

Dr. Cantor’s groundbreaking contributions on social intelligence include how people interpret their social worlds, set personal goals and…

Jeri Childers

Photo of Jeri Childers

University of Technology Sydney

Jeri Childers created The Engagement Academy for University Leaders that was offered by Virginia Tech's Center for Organizational and…

Ellis B. Cowling

Photo of Ellis B. Cowling

North Carolina State University

A forest biologist at North Carolina State University, Ellis became a world leader in environmental research. He was elected to membership in the…

David Cox

Photo of David Cox

University of Memphis

Executive Assistant to the President, Professor. Dr. Cox holds the rank of Professor in the Division of Public Administration and serves as Executive…

Nancy Creamer

Photo of Nancy Creamer

North Carolina State University

In 2003, the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) found itself in the middle of a brewing crisis between conventional agriculture and the…

Julie Ellison

Photo of Julie Ellison

University of Michigan

Julie Ellison has immeasurable impact on higher education, particuarly on the cultural disciplines, such as the humanities and the expressive…

Eugenia Eng

Photo of Eugenia Eng

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Eugenia Eng's community-based participatory research (CBPR) work is recognized nationally and internationally. Contributions include relevance…

Hiram E. Fitzgerald

Photo of Hiram E. Fitzgerald

Michigan State University

Hiram Fitzgerald's work represents engaged scholarship not only in his disciplinary area but through unceasing promotion of engaged scholarship…

Nancy Franklin

Photo of Nancy Franklin

Pennsylvania State University

Nancy Franklin has made contributions to engagement scholarship through articles, book chapters, and meeting presentations. In a landmark paper,…

Timothy V. Franklin

Photo of Timothy V. Franklin

New Jersey Institute of Technology

As an administrative leader at land-grant and public institutions of higher education, Timothy Franklin's work has been characterized by the…

Nancy K. Franz

Photo of Nancy K. Franz

Iowa State University

Associate Dean for Extension and Outreach for Families and 4-H Youth in the College of Human Sciences, Director of Extension and Outreach to…

Andrew Furco

Photo of Andrew Furco

University of Minnesota

Professor Furco's research focuses on the study of experimental learning, service learning, and community engagement. Having completed more than…

Sherril Gelmon

Photo of Sherril Gelmon

Portland State University

ln the words of her former president Judith Ramaley, "Sherril Gelmon has contributed to the advancement of engaged scholarship and learning ever…

Dwight E. Giles, Jr.

Photo of Dwight E. Giles, Jr.

University of Massachusetts

Future service-learning historians will likely note that Dwight Giles stands out as a seminal change agent responsible for shifting service-learning…

Philip A. Greasley

Photo of Philip A. Greasley

University of Kentucky

Greasley, a UK administrator and English faculty member for 30 years, was formerly dean of University Extension, overseeing academic outreach…

Susan Gust

Photo of Susan Gust

Community Development Consultant

Susan Gust, a community activist and small business owner, co-founded, along with a University of Minnesota physician, a ten-year community and…

Budd Hall

Photo of Budd Hall

University of Victoria

Budd Hall, Professor of Community Development, first coined the term "participatory research" while working in Tanzania in the early…

Ira Harkavy

Photo of Ira Harkavy

University of Pennsylvania

Harkavy has helped to develop academically based community service courses and participatory action research projects that involve creating…

Lyla E. Houglum

Photo of Lyla E. Houglum

Oregon State University

Dr. Houglum served as Dean and Director of the Oregon State University Extension Service for almost 10 years, providing leadership for about 600…

Stanley E. Hyland

Photo of Stanley E. Hyland

University of Memphis

Stanley Hyland is an exemplar of the concept of engaged scholarship. It is reflected in his 35 years of community partnership practice, the resulting…

Audrey J. Jaeger

Photo of Audrey J. Jaeger

North Carolina State University

Dr. Audrey J. Jaeger is a Professor of Higher Education and Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor. She directs the National Initiative for…

Cathy Jordan

Photo of Cathy Jordan

University of Minnesota

As a community-engaged scholar, Cathy Jordan has contributed to our understanding of the social determinants of health on children’s…

Mary Simon Leuci

Photo of Mary Simon Leuci

University of Missouri Extension

Mary Simon Leuci is the Director of Engaged Scholarship with the University of Missouri Office of Extension and Engagement. In this capacity, she…

Teresa Mangum

Photo of Teresa Mangum

University of Iowa

Teresa Mangum is Associate Professor of English and Director of the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies at the University of Iowa. She serves on the…

Michael V. Martin

Photo of Michael V. Martin

Florida Gulf Coast University

Michael V. Martin serves as President of Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU). The Florida Gulf Coast University Board of Trustees unanimously…

Barbara Moely

Photo of Barbara Moely

Tulane University

Dr. Moely has consistently broken new ground in the study and development of service-learning and community engagement (SLCE) programming and is a…

Suzanne Morse Moomaw

Photo of Suzanne Morse Moomaw

University of Virginia

As a University of Alabama doctoral student, Moomaw was part of the General Motors-UA initiative to save a local plant. This experience launched a…

Diana Natalicio

Photo of Diana Natalicio

University of Texas at El Paso

Diana Natalicio has led the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) to become a shining example of a university engaged in its community. Under her…

Philip Nyden

Photo of Philip Nyden

Loyola University

When Nyden founded the Center for Urban Research and Learning (CURL) he could not have known how deeply his aspirations would be fulfilled. He…

KerryAnn O'Meara

Photo of KerryAnn O'Meara

University of Maryland

KerryAnn O'Meara is at the forefront of the movement to regard and embed community-engaged scholarship in academic reward systems, faculty…

Joan T. Pennell

Photo of Joan T. Pennell

North Carolina State University

Joan Pennell integrated learning and discovery with social work practices through a family- and community-centered team approach working with youth…

Juvencio Rocha Peralta, Jr.

Photo of Juvencio Rocha Peralta, Jr.


Juvencio Rocha Peralta is instrumental in connecting immigrant and Latino communities to services and resources as Executive Director of AMEXCAN and…

Scott J. Peters

Photo of Scott J. Peters

Cornell University

Situated in the newly emerging interdisciplinary field of “civic studies,” Peters centers his work as a scholar and educator on the…

Samory Touré Pruitt

Photo of Samory Touré Pruitt

University of Alabama

As vice president of Community Affairs, Dr. Pruitt is the designated officer at the University of Alabama for the encouragement and production of…

Judith Ramaley

Photo of Judith Ramaley

Portland State University

Ramaley has a global reputation for her contributions to the knowledge base that institutional leaders and community leaders can draw upon to create…

Scott Reed

Photo of Scott Reed

Oregon State University

Scott Reed provides direct leadership for the Oregon State Open Campus program—the multifaceted and multi-discipline community engagement…

Roger Rennekamp

Photo of Roger Rennekamp

Ohio State University

Roger Rennekamp became the 12th director of Ohio State University Extension on January 4, 2016. Roger comes to Ohio State from Oregon State…

John Saltmarsh

Photo of John Saltmarsh

University of Massachusetts, Boston

John Saltmarsh has been a critical and influential architect, intellectual leader, historian, researcher, activist, and mentor within the modern…

Lorilee R. Sandmann

Photo of Lorilee R. Sandmann

University of Georgia

Dr. Lorilee R. Sandmann’s research, publications, teaching, and leadership has had an intense and ongoing influence on the development of some…

Mary Evans Sias

Photo of Mary Evans Sias

Kentucky State University

In February 2004, Mary Evans Sias was named President of Kentucky State University after serving eight years as Senior Vice President for Student…

Theodore J. Settle

Photo of Theodore J. Settle

Virginia Tech University (Retired)

Ted’s scholarly contributions include his ability to name previously unrecognized issues that congeal interest in community engagement…

Lou Anna Simon

Photo of Lou Anna Simon

Michigan State University

President Simon’s significant contributions to the field of CES are twofold: institutionalization of community engagement and scholarship…

Patricia M. Sobrero

Photo of Patricia M. Sobrero

North Carolina State University

Dr. Sobrero’s career has served as a model for the principles of the Academy. Effective engaged scholarship is characterized by the link…

Beth Velde

Photo of Beth Velde

East Carolina University

Beth Velde's scholarship in engagement has taken the form of books, chapters, journal articles, and presentations, including insights from…

Craig D. Weidemann

Photo of  Craig D. Weidemann

Pennsylvania Sate University

Craig Weidemann served as Penn State University's Vice President for Outreach, 2003-2016. In this position he oversaw the University's…

Nancy Zimpher

Photo of Nancy Zimpher

State University of New York

Nancy Zimpher has led three public universities and has made university engagement with the community a central theme at each. At the University of…

Jim Zuiches

Photo of Jim Zuiches

North Carolina State University

Dr. Zuiches has worked primarily for and on behalf of non-profit organizations and am committed to support efforts to establish sustainable…