ACES Adopts New Committee Structure

(April 19, 2021)  The Academy's membership has formally adopted a series of bylaws revisions meant to increase opportunities for member engagement through a number of new committees and committe structure. In 2020 an ad hoc Organization Committee was formed and charged by the Board of Directors with examining how ACES could better involve its growing membership in an evolving range of ambitious initiatives. The committee first conducted an asset mapping survey to better understand the experience and skills of members. It then reviewed existing and prospective Academy projects and considered ways the structure of the organization could be adapted to unlock the strengths of members to meet the needs of such activities. What emerged was a plan for a new and more dynamic system of standing committees, and proposed changes to the ACES bylaws to enable it.

On December 15, 2020, members were sent an explanation of the plan, the proposed bylaws changes, and ballots. Voting concluded on April 15, 2021 with over two-thirds of the mebership having voted to adopt the proposed revisions. Announcements about the the formation of committees are forthcoming.

For their throughtful work and vision on this effort, President Burton Bargerstock wishes to thank the ACES members of the ad hoc Organization Committee, including: Jeri Childers, Hiram Fitzgerald (chair), Timothy Franklin, Nancy Franz, Susan Gust, Samory Pruitt, and Audrey Jaeger.