ACES Publishes First White Paper

(May 1, 2021)  The Academy is pleased to announce its first publication. Faculty Engaged Scholarship: Setting Standards and Building Conceptual Clarity was authored by members Lynn Blanchard, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Andrew Furco, University of Minnesota.

Abstract:  In this report, we begin with an examination how engaged scholarship is presented in promotion and tenure guidelines using case studies from two public research universities in the United States. From the findings of these case studies, we identify several ways in which academic disciplines frame engaged scholarship. We then apply these disciplinary frames to establish a broader framework designed to build greater conceptual clarity regarding the different approaches and pathways that disciplines take to engaged scholarship. We conclude the report with a look to the future in our efforts to set standards and build greater conceptual clarity of engaged scholarship. While the work is bound within the context of these two institutions, we hope that this report will have implications for broader conversations of engaged scholarship and be useful to other types of institutions in the United States and abroad.