Academy of Community Engagement Scholarship (ACES)

2015 Inductees

Nancy Creamer

Photo of Nancy Creamer

North Carolina State University

In 2003, the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) found itself in the middle of a brewing crisis between conventional agriculture and the…

Andrew Furco

Photo of Andrew Furco

University of Minnesota

Professor Furco's research focuses on the study of experimental learning, service learning, and community engagement. Having completed more than…

Mary Simon Leuci

Photo of Mary Simon Leuci

University of Missouri Extension

The values that guide Mary Leuci’s work are embedded in the “Principles of Good Practice,” adopted by the Community Development…

Samory Touré Pruitt

Photo of Samory Touré Pruitt

University of Alabama

As vice president of Community Affairs, Dr. Pruitt is the designated officer at the University of Alabama for the encouragement and production of…

Scott Reed

Photo of Scott Reed

Oregon State University

Scott Reed provides direct leadership for the Oregon State Open Campus program—the multifaceted and multi-discipline community engagement…

John Saltmarsh

Photo of John Saltmarsh

University of Massachusetts, Boston

John Saltmarsh has been a critical and influential architect, intellectual leader, historian, researcher, activist, and mentor within the modern…

Lorilee R. Sandmann

Photo of Lorilee R. Sandmann

University of Georgia

Dr. Lorilee R. Sandmann’s research, publications, teaching, and leadership has had an intense and ongoing influence on the development of some…

Theodore J. Settle

Photo of Theodore J. Settle

Virginia Tech University (Retired)

Ted’s scholarly contributions include his ability to name previously unrecognized issues that congeal interest in community engagement…

Patricia M. Sobrero

Photo of Patricia M. Sobrero

North Carolina State University

Dr. Sobrero’s career has served as a model for the principles of the Academy. Effective engaged scholarship is characterized by the link…