Academy of Community Engagement Scholarship (ACES)

2016 Inductees

Lynn Blanchard

Photo of Lynn Blanchard

University of North Carolina

Lynn has contributed to the field of community engagement scholarship (CES) since 1992. Early community engagement roles included schoolteacher,…

Robert Gordon Bringle

Photo of Robert Gordon Bringle

IUPUI Center for Service and Learning

There is likely no one in the United States who has greater expertise or who has contributed more to our understanding of service-learning and civic…

Robert H. Bruininks

Photo of Robert H. Bruininks

University of Minnesota

Dr. Robert H. Bruininks’s academic career has focused on transformative public and civic leadership, the development of human capital from…

Nancy E. Cantor

Photo of Nancy E. Cantor

Rutgers University-Neward

Dr. Cantor’s groundbreaking contributions on social intelligence include how people interpret their social worlds, set personal goals and…

Sherril Gelmon

Photo of Sherril Gelmon

Portland State University

ln the words of her former president Judith Ramaley, "Sherril Gelmon has contributed to the advancement of engaged scholarship and learning ever…

Dwight E. Giles, Jr.

Photo of Dwight E. Giles, Jr.

University of Massachusetts

Future service-learning historians will likely note that Dwight Giles stands out as a seminal change agent responsible for shifting service-learning…

Susan Gust

Photo of Susan Gust

Community Development Consultant

Susan Gust, a community activist and small business owner, co-founded, along with a University of Minnesota physician, a ten-year community and…

Ira Harkavy

Photo of Ira Harkavy

University of Pennsylvania

Harkavy has helped to develop academically based community service courses and participatory action research projects that involve creating…

Barbara Moely

Photo of Barbara Moely

Tulane University

Dr. Moely has consistently broken new ground in the study and development of service-learning and community engagement (SLCE) programming and is a…

Suzanne Morse Moomaw

Photo of Suzanne Morse Moomaw

University of Virginia

As a University of Alabama doctoral student, Moomaw was part of the General Motors-UA initiative to save a local plant. This experience launched a…

Philip Nyden

Photo of Philip Nyden

Loyola University

When Nyden founded the Center for Urban Research and Learning (CURL) he could not have known how deeply his aspirations would be fulfilled. He…

Juvencio Rocha Peralta, Jr.

Photo of Juvencio Rocha Peralta, Jr.


Juvencio Rocha Peralta is instrumental in connecting immigrant and Latino communities to services and resources as Executive Director of AMEXCAN and…

Judith Ramaley

Photo of Judith Ramaley

Portland State University

Ramaley has a global reputation for her contributions to the knowledge base that institutional leaders and community leaders can draw upon to create…

Lou Anna Simon

Photo of Lou Anna Simon

Michigan State University

President Simon’s significant contributions to the field of CES are twofold: institutionalization of community engagement and scholarship…