Academy of Community Engagement Scholarship (ACES)

Amy Driscoll

Inducted in

California State University Monterey Bay

Director of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

Photo of Amy Driscoll

Biographical Abstracts

Amy Driscoll began her academic career with a focus on teaching and scholarship centered on children, family, and community. She consistently engaged community as a resource for her teaching, curriculum, and program planning and as diverse professional settings for student learning and contributions. That pattern of thinking was the dominant thread of her work as director of Community University Partnerships at Portland State University with President Judith Ramaley, providing significant leadership to the campus in its engagement with community. That thinking provided inspiration as she accepted the invitation of President Lee Shulman of Carnegie to coordinate the development of the Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement.

In addition, her ongoing work with Ernest Lynton was dedicated to the documentation and evaluation of faculty contributions related to community engagement, providing support for new forms of faculty scholarship. Her scholarship went beyond books, articles, and presentations to guide, advise, and mentor institutions nationally and internationally.

Areas of Expertise

  • Assessment
  • Pedagogy and curriculum
  • Teacher education
  • Early childhood education