Academy of Community Engagement Scholarship (ACES)

Andrew Furco

Inducted in

University of Minnesota

Associate Vice President for Public Engagement

Associate Professor, Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development

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Biographical Abstracts

Professor Furco's research focuses on the study of experimental learning, service learning, and community engagement. Having completed more than 30 studies, and as an internationally recognized leader in the field, he conducted some of the earliest studies and produced valuable measurement tools, such as the service-learning institutionalization rubric, that are used widely by researchers and practitioners in the field. His scholarship explores the implementation, impact, and institutionalization of service-learning and civic engagement in K-12 and higher education systems in the United States and abroad. This led to more than 120 conference sessions in over 20 countries. As a scholar who has earned tenure by studying service-learning, he has given hope to emerging scholars interested in making service-learning and community engagement the focus of their scholarship.