Academy of Community Engagement Scholarship (ACES)

Patricia M. Sobrero

Inducted in

North Carolina State University

Professor, Extension Education 

Former Associate Vice Chancellor

President, The Academy of Community Engagement Scholarship


Photo of Patricia M. Sobrero

Biographical Abstracts

Dr. Sobrero’s career has served as a model for the principles of the Academy. Effective engaged scholarship is characterized by the link between doing and a resulting reflection leading to new understanding of what to do and how to do it. Dr. Sobrero’s scholarly contributions have been substantial in volume, have been built on her reflection from practice, and have been used in the field to advance community-education collaborations, the highest form of validation and praise. Her national leadership and contributions to the advancement of community-engaged scholarship as an institutional priority for American higher education has distinguished and qualified her for membership in this learned Academy.

It was Dr. Sobrero’s leadership, energy, and resources that led to the creation of the Academy of Community Engagement Scholarship. Being her style of collaborative leadership, she would say that she was just one of a team of supporters that led to the creation of the Academy. And that is true; many others contributed in important ways. But the fact is, without her persistence, it would not have happened. To have done so in itself isn’t a sufficient criterion for membership. However, it is the manner in which she did so that makes it clear that she has earned membership. For the way in which she was able to energize those who participated demonstrated the core principles of the Academy, involving leading community engagement scholars and practitioners to serve the public good by recognizing and contributing to high quality scholarship. That is Dr. Patricia Sobrero.