Academy of Community Engagement Scholarship (ACES)

Samory Touré Pruitt

Inducted in

University of Alabama

Vice President for Academic Affairs

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Biographical Abstracts

As vice president of Community Affairs, Dr. Pruitt is the designated officer at the University of Alabama for the encouragement and production of engaged scholarship. In this capacity as an administrator, he works with the academic deans and faculty to promote, rewards and recognition programs, and indentify excellence of practiced engaged scholarship with Alabama communities. He is the founder and publisher of the Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship which is sponsored and partially funded by the internationally positioned Engagement Scholarship Consortium. Now in its eighth, year the journal focuses on actual community and university engagement programs that identify evidence based practices, The journal is considered by scholars to be one of the leading, if not the leading, journal in the field. Dr. Pruitt is scheduled to become president of the Engagement Scholarship Consortium (ESC), the leading academic organization in the field of engagement scholarship. He is a founder of ACES and works collaboratively to support ACES's mission.