Academy of Community Engagement Scholarship (ACES)

Scott Reed

Inducted in

Oregon State University

Vice Provost, University Outreach & Engagement

Director, Extension Service

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Biographical Abstracts

Scott Reed provides direct leadership for the Oregon State Open Campus program—the multifaceted and multi-discipline community engagement program from Oregon State University—which was reviewed and designated by peers both regionally and nationally as an outstanding example of reciprocal community engagement. In Oregon and other states, such as Colorado, where Scott has shared his vision and OSU’s success in the Open Campus initiative, the idea of community engagement has begun to evolve to true engagement where we listen as much as we talk and learn as much as we teach. In addition, Scott’s leadership among Cooperative Extension Directors has encouraged more states to embrace and implement community engagement scholarship into Cooperative Extension programs and reward systems.

Scott’s leadership motivated the Open Campus staff and faculty to also share their insights and success at scholarly meetings such as the international Engagement Scholarship Conference each year. In the ever-evolving world of higher education, administrative leadership such as Scott’s takes on an also evolving focus on scholarship by placing more and more new faculty and staff in positions to develop scholarship and promote improvement and change on their own.