Academy of Community Engagement Scholarship (ACES)

Scott Reed

Inducted in

Oregon State University

Vice Provost, University Outreach & Engagement

Director, Extension Service

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Biographical Abstracts

Arthur Scott Reed (Scott) is a career Extension educator trained as a forester and economist. He began working in the private sector where he discovered the value of partnerships with university outreach activities. Early in his career, he spent ten years at the University of Minnesota, where he was initially an Extension specialist in timber harvesting and economic development before stepping into leadership positions of program leader and field center coordinator.

Moving to Oregon State University in 1990, he served as associate dean in the OSU College of Forestry before becoming dean and director of the OSU Extension Service. Before retiring in 2019, he was vice provost for university outreach and engagement. More than 20 organizations have honored him for a variety of accomplishments. His contributions were recognized in 2018 with the coveted Ruby Award from the Joint Council of Extension Professionals. Reed holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from Michigan State University and a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota.


Areas of Expertise

  • Natural resource sustainable management
  • Innovative program deveopment
  • Incentives for private behavior in the public's interest
  • Educational program evaluation
  • Engagemenet strategies across disciplines